Book Scanner

zeta – a DIN A3 book scanner serving as an interface between the analogue and digital world

Magazines and books have been manufactured digitally – and thus preserved for posterity without loss – since the 1970s. The Zeutschel zeta scanner digitises books, magazines, and documents taken from analogue media up to a DIN A3 format.

The computer is equipped with a touch panel, offers deskewing and curve correction, and will airbrush out fingers of users on the digital data.

To the client, this project meant conquering new grounds. The zeta was to add to a range of large devices (scanning A0 to A2 formats) and represented a challenge on all levels. In addition, the working environments of the product’s target group was changing: Appealing design and easy-to-use devices had become standard in offices and university libraries. The look of the scanner with its levitating mirror technics is designed to distract any fears of supposedly complicated technology.

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-IF Product Design Award 2014
-Focus Open Special Mention 2013
-Best of Mittelstand 2013
-RedDot Design Award 2012

The project was realized while under employment by Vetica Group AG. Image copyright: Vetica Group AG, Lucerne, and Zeutschel GmbH, Tübingen-Hirschau.