Calibrating Tool for Monitors

Datacolor Spyder 5 colour calibration tool

Spyder 5 – a professional solution for the colour calibration of laptops, desktop monitors, and beamers with room light analysis. Numerous gamma, white point, and grey balance settings allow for full control over the colour workflow.

The new design for Spyder 5 was to mirror the tool’s professional standard. We chose forms and surfaces to recreate the look of high-level camera systems.

Integrating the counterweight of the product represented a challenge. Directly connected to the sensor unit, it serves both as a snap-on cap protecting the sensor and as a footing.

  • datcolor_spyder5_04
  • Datcolor_Spyder5_02
  • Datcolor_Spyder5_03

The project was realised while under employment by Vetica Group AG. Image copyright Datacolor