Desktop Visualizer

Overhead projectors are a tool of the past. Their successors: visualizers

The VZ-9 desktop visualizer allows users to project notes, book excerpts, or objects onto a screen. The head of the VZ-9 conceals a premium camera with zoom function with which the visualizer digitises objects placed on its white working surface and transmits the respective data via various interfaces to a computer, beamer, or TV set.

The goal of the project was to change the device’s 1990s design into a look fit for the new century. The mechanical arm and the lighting remained. The camera head was optimized to suit both right- and left-handed users.

  • desktop_visualizer01
  • desktop_visualizer02

-Designpreis Deutschland 2012 Nominee
-Red Dot Best of 2010
-Good Design Award Japan 2009

The project was realised while under employment. Design rights: Marenco AG swiss design. Image copyright: Wolfvision Gmbh