Ducati 900 SS

Reinterpreting the Ducati 900 SS

When the Ducati vertical shaft engines (Königswellenmotoren) were replaced by considerably more reliable drive belts in the 1990s, the design of the motorcycles changed. The 900 SuperSport – a stylish road-going sports bike – is a very successful example of Ducatis featuring the new type of engine. With the innovation, the linear frame design disappeared. New curves and soft edges became the characteristics of the model. Today, these characteristics make it harder for owners to convert the 900 SS into a classic cafe racer. Some of the motorcycle’s style elements, including its level steering head angle, tend to direct any attempt at modification towards a streetfighter look.

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Our task was to design a new tail for the 900 SS without altering the distinctive space frame of the model.

We did remove the existing case cover entirely, but worked with the existing style elements of the signature tank and reinterpreted them. The result: a zeppelin-shaped form spanning from tank to tail, with a bench seat cut out of its basic shape.

Reports from the Töff mag (German)

Bericht aus dem Töff Magazin, März 2017

Bericht aus dem Töff Magazin über die Entwicklung der Heckschale, April 2017

Photo: Richard A. Meinert