Lounge8 smart lounger

Rapid meditative relaxation, deceleration and inner peace – all this is made possible by the patented lounge8 high-end swinging lounger through natural and even stimulation of the body.

The lounge8 System was developed based on what we know about the positive effects of various trance and meditation techniques on our brain activities as well as scientific studies on how the stimulation of oscillation promotes our health.
Brain activity can be visualized and recorded using EEGs (electroencephalograms). The frequency ranges (measured in hertz = vibration per second) provide information about the patient’s mental and emotional states of consciousness.

From the basic prototype designing a well shaped relaxation lounger was a long way in many small steps. A major challenge was the design of the mechanical weight adjustment. The result is purely mechanical and does not require any external energy, only the user’s own body movement.

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  • Lounge8 © Udo Mittelberger
  • Lounge8 © Udo Mittelberger

-Wellness & SPA Innovation Award Winner 2019
-IENA 2017 Silver Winner (Internationale Fachmesse für Ideen, Erfindungen und Neuheiten)

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Pictures by lounge8 AG