Stromer ST7 Speed Pedelec

Maximum range, maximum power, maximum passion!

The new flagship combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components to create a Speed Pedelec truly in a class of its own. Extremely low maintenance thanks to the Pinion and Gates carbon belt drive.

Our task was to shape and develop a new frame for the new 1400 W/h battery. Additional requirements such as the integration of the gearbox, ABS and the possibility to use the existing battery, offer a wonderful and challenging project.
The result shows the next generation of Stromer Speed Pedelec.

  • Vonarburg-Design-Stromer-ST7-Speed-Pedelec-Solod-Gold_05
  • Vonarburg-Design-Stromer-ST7-Speed-Pedelec-Solod-Gold_02
  • Vonarburg-Design-Stromer-ST7-Speed-Pedelec-Solod-Gold_03
  • Vonarburg-Design-Stromer-ST7-Speed-Pedelec-Solod-Gold_01

Pictures by myStromer AG